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Addressing Comments

The submission of your final research thesis is not the end of your project. Your review committee goes through your work thoroughly and offers its feedback. Sometimes, you not just receive their viewpoints, but also receive additional comments to improve your report. However, you do not need to get disheartened, as we are always there to help you incorporate this feedback rightly into your report. We help you address the received comments after you discuss these with your supervisor.

What you need to do?

You only need to share the entire feedback with us so we can review the comments in the light of your submitted thesis. Based on our review, we design an apt strategy to incorporate the required alterations. If your thesis/dissertation chapters need any justified changes, then we make sure to revise these chapters. However, we do not do that without assessing the impact of these changes.

What we do
  • checkReliability and validity problems with analyzed data
  • checkUse of improper modules/tools for data analysis
  • checkNon-usage of academic language, right citation/referencing styles, and correct formats
  • checkDetection of plagiarism in your work
  • checkLack of references/relevant references

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert will go through the comments provided by the committee and then will do improvement in the research accordingly.
First, our expert will read the feedback given by the committee and then will work on the areas that need to be corrected.
Yes, our expert will understand the comments made by the committee and then will help you to understand them to improve the quality of your research.
Yes, it is possible as our editors will make it a priority to edit your thesis in the timeline.
Firstly, don’t distract yourself from the aims and objectives of your research while editing it according to the comments. And secondly, keep the structure of your research and language intact, throughout the academic document.