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Defence Preparation

Preparing for the defence session of your thesis is considered to be a daunting task. Even if you have put in all your best efforts towards submitting an absolutely brilliant dissertation, it becomes quite frightening when it comes to facing the defence of your dissertation.

Research scholars across the globe have tried different means, using which they can excel in facing all the questions for their dissertation defence in a proficient manner. Each research project is different and each committee is different; therefore, each defence would be different. Remember that your research committee wants you to succeed, and hence, taking the preparation for your dissertation defence lightly can prove to be detrimental.

To do list for to prepare for your defence.

  • checkKeeping the answers as simple and precise as possible
  • checkEngaging into the questions honestly
  • checkHaving all the material that you need to answer the questions satisfactorily, like data sheets, images and graphs
  • checkKnowing the background references
  • checkHaving thorough knowledge of the data analysis chapter, since most questions are likely to arise from this chapter
  • checkLastly, never being afraid to say “I don’t know”

So, if you’re struggling with the preparation for your dissertation’s defence session, simply choose us. Our experts would ensure that come out with flying colours and impress your research committee and research chair with zero hassles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our subject matter expert can help you and prepare you for the defence.
Our expert will make the PPT so that it could be presented in 20 minutes. The number of slides will be decided mutually by the author and the academician, depending upon the research work.
Yes, we have experts working in our team, who will surely provide you with the guidelines related to your defence and keep you anxious free.
Yes, you can sit back and relax but keep in mind that you don’t give a long gap in between. While most of the Universities provide you with the defence date, try to be available on that date.
If your doctoral research gets rejected, you can come to us anytime and our trained experts will work on it with full dedication. You will be prepared well for another shot and the improvements will be made in your thesis.