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Topic and Proposal Development

Choose a broad topic to cover and make a proposal on its basis as you formulate your research question.

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Drafting Of Chapters

Manage the writing and formatting of the chapters with the correct format, style, and flow of the chapters.

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Review of Literature

Evaluate the literature of your topic to critique, evaluate, and interpret it for your research work.

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Research Methodology

Choose the most suitable research methodology based on the argument of your research.

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Questionnaire Design

Design a standardised questionnaire for you qualitative, quantitative or mixed research to prove the argument.

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Statistical Analysis

Analyse your data with the most popular and effective tools to have accurate results and findings.

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Qualitative Analysis

Study the behaviour of the participants and observe them to analyse for the research work.

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Software Implementation

Develop algorithm and implement the recent software in your scientific research.

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Editing and Proofreading

Make your academic document free of glitches with the correct format, style, and grammar.

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Research Paper Assistance

Having an assistant at every step of your research paper, will make the publishing easier.

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Addressing Comments

Address and incorporate all the comments made by the committee in your thesis, positivity.

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Defence Preparation

Know the little details of your research, and answer the committee confidently in your defence.

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Ethical research guidance and support services for PhD candidates since 2008

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My research work has been made so much easier with the assistance provided by your team, as the academician was an expert in my field and he had all the prevailing and understanding of the subject. He guided me to use the recent and more reliable analysis tool to have accurate result.

Akshita Singhal

Topic selection, being the first stage of the research work was the stepping stone for my thesis. I couldn’t choose the right topic for my research as every topic has already been worked on before. The experts at PhD Guidance helped me guide to have a suitable and original topic for the research.

Tarun Gandhi

Sorting out a large literature to study, criticize, and evaluate is not easy for me. I couldn’t choose the needed literature from the vast researches of my area. The academicians at PhD Guidance, helped me sort out the literature and write the literature review for my thesis.

Akshay Seal

PhD Thesis & Research Guidance – Mumbai, India

Ethical research guidance and support services for PhD candidates since 2008

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Comprehensive consulting services for PhD Thesis/Dissertation

PhD Guidance is a group of professionals who are engaged in delivering end-to-end research consultation services. We are based at Mumbai, India and here is a brief on what all we offer:

* We offer 360 degrees consultation on doctorate research: All-round support on academic research: Ranging from research design and methodology setup assistance to data collection and analysis help, we provide consultation at every step of your research project. We offer custom support to clients and hold one-on-one discussions with them after gaining an understanding of their project requirements. Whether you need help with literature review or editing, you may approach us for part or full consultation on all kinds of projects.