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Topic and Proposal Development

This stage is the first step taken towards doing your actual PhD research. Before formulating a research topic, you need to be clear about your thoughts and ideas so that they may be summarised in the form of  topic suggestion document.

Areas Covered

  • Management and Commerce
  • Engineering – CS, IT, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical
  • Science and Biotechnology
  • English Literature
  • Law

Help offered

  • Topic suggestions
  • Overview
  • Base Paper
  • Problem Statement
  • Developing the Proposal

Draft your Topic

Topic is something which is developed according to your research. You should keep in mind that you stick to your research only while making topic suggestions. It is the first step of your research.

Develop your Synopsis/Proposal

It is important to develop your synopsis/proposal in accordance with your institution’s guidelines. It is a formal document that determines the boundaries within which you need to operate.

Structure of a Proposal

It is an outline for your entire study. The structure of a proposal usually includes the introduction to your research problem, literature review, research methodology, Chapterisation plan, limitations, and references. You should also be ready with a significant number of studies that could help in outlining your research scope, limitations and theoretical foundation

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Frequently Asked Questions

While framing the topic, one should always be specific about the research ideas and also, about the academic and professional background. The topic should be fresh.