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The significance of a doctorate and a cumbersome process of research demand a PhD guide. However, it becomes a challenge for the PhD Guides to manage counselling the students at different stages of research because of time constraints. A PhD guide is the one who is devoted to students by the University to support them throughout their study process. He is the one who needs to ascertain progress of a scholar and guide him time to time as per the requirements of the study.

Reverse Effect

However, it sometimes becomes difficult to synchronize the thoughts and expectations of the scholar and the guide. This may cause a reverse effect on the reference material provided or suggested by the guide, because of which they may lose focus and right direction to work. Whereas, a good research work by scholars, for sure needs a constant support, counselling, discussions, constructive and critical review, inspiring innovative and new ways of working.

Surrogate PhD Guide

This is when a Surrogate PhD Guide comes into the picture. As a scholar needs dedicated and regular attention from the guide, who can advise and answer the queries along the PhD. Regular counselling helps in completing the PhD successfully within the stipulated time. PhD guidance offers a support in a unique way when a scholar is stuck and not able to get regular guidance from the PhD guide due to unavailability of guide or lack of proper communication.

  • checkEffective communication with throughout the process of research
  • checkPro-active Counselling and direction to work
  • checkConsultation on topic selection for thesis
  • checkGuidance on how to carry out writing process of thesis
  • checkConsultation on identification of objectives, methodology and statistical tests to apply
  • checkSupport in finding relevant reference material, research problems and related elements for PhD
  • checkLiberty to contact via phone, email and chat

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will provide you with an able PhD guide for you. The guide will be chosen on the basis of your research area and topic as we have scholars in every domain of research.
Our experts have 8+ years experience and they put in a lot of efforts while working with your doctoral research. They will not leave any stone unturned to guide with your research, however, you can always reach out to us if you are unsatisfied.
Our experts are only here to direct you and work according to your thought process. You can benefit from the experience they have and incorporate those ideas into your project, but it will be solely depended on you.
Client satisfaction is our motto and we assure you that the guide will help you at every step. Our team will look into the issue, but the quality of your thesis will not be compromised.
Experts working in our company have gone through various reliability test and we make sure to provide the most reliable Phd guide to you. You can easily check the work history, the experience of our expert that will surely give you a sigh of relief.